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Here are some excellent ideas for cooking with beer. Untap some new inspiration. Here she uses Blue Moon which has a seasonal pumpkin recipe which is to die for. You could also use an amber which would be really good as well. We love the idea of layering the chicken with bacon as she props it up on the can of pilsner. We’ll be trying that one next game day for sure!

If you’d like to check out a more detailed description on beer and how it is produced to get an idea for what kind of ingredients are being used and to see the flavour profiles or the many types of beers available and the places around the world from which they come then check out: Though every type of beer is found almost everywhere, some are more particular to certain countries which all have their own unique pairings of their favourite beer and dishes. This could provide some inspiration to get creative with flavours from around the world.

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Slow Cooking With Your Favourite Brew



For years beer has been one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world. Right up there with tea, water and coffee. It is a relevant choice in any season of the year offering refreshing Pilsners and Ales preferred in warmer months and Ambers and Stouts most often enjoyed in winter months. Though any beer can fit in any time of year. Many brewers offer up seasonal recipes which dish out varieties that range from fruity to pumpkin spiced.

It pairs well with food like the classic beer and sausage pair found so often. But while it does make an excellent culinary sidekick to many of your favourite dishes, it is also an incredible ingredient to use in the dishes themselves. Cooking with beer provides extraordinary flavour and it brings to question why we don’t find it more commonly in restaurants. Wine is found in many recipes but somehow beer has spilt through the cracks. Why is such an excellent idea going “untapped?”

Well if you think about many different cooking methods out there the first thing that comes to mind as the most optimal way to impart flavours from beer would be to let it just soak for hours in it. Hell, why not up to 12 hours at a time?

Some of our favourite recipes that we have discovered range from beer chicken, beer-braised pork, Guinness beef tacos, Guiness French onion soup, and beer pulled pork tacos. The options really are endless in using beer in your favourite recipes and a slow cooker makes for the perfect appliance to get the job done.

We head over to to check out the most sought after models of slow cooker on the market today and we picked up a few different models and started putting them to so heavy use. We picked up the models that had the best slow cooker reviews as to know that we were getting something highly heralded by customers and cooks.

We were fortunate enough to come across their best slow cooker cookbooks page which featured several excellent books that we picked up as well. We found some outstanding recipes in these books to which we added our own twist: BEER!


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Cooking With Beer: Pressure Cooking


There are more ways than one to enjoy your favourite beers. Once you begin cooking with beer you will find that a light goes off in your head and you begin to constantly pair and match flavours and completely transcend your limitations of enjoyment. With so many varieties with such unique flavour profiles the possibilities are endless. Dark, rich stouts with hints of coffee paired with a spicy chilli, a strong ale or Pilsner for your Hungarian sausages, the ideas just flow and flow like a cold blonde on draft.

What also gets interesting is when you play with different cooking methods. There is the famous BBQ Beer Can Chicken where a whole chicken is stuffed with a can of your choice. You can let your food broil for hours in a pot or slow cooker to really take on the characteristics of the beer. Our personal favourite is using a pressure cooker where beer is used as the liquid added to the bottom of the pressure cooker.

What happens inside of a pressure cooker is the heat is trapped inside of the cooker and the pressure causes the steam from the liquid to cook the food right through. This also happens in 70% less time that any other cooking method. So you can be assured to have the flavour seeped right into what it is that you’re cooking while maintaining most of the nutrients that would typically be lost.

We have tried a number of recipes and variations like Amber beer used in a hearty stew, Guiness with a large roast and vegetables or even for dessert recipes like homemade pumpkin pie filling. What’s also great about this is you can just toss all the ingredients in the pressure cooker and if it is programmable then just set it and forget it. If you’re interested in purchasing this kind of pressure cooker than you will want to check out the best electric pressure cooker reviews.

Some cooks prefer a more manual way of cooking as it often allows better control over the dish. If that is you then you would most certainly want to check out the Fissler stainless steel pressure cooker review. There you will find out why customers call it the Rolls Royce of pressure cookers.

If you are looking to get the most enjoyment out of cooking with beer where the flavour truly stands out and does not get left behind then you will surely want to find the Best Pressure Cooker available. Check out the models on the site provided as they are all excellent sought after models that will definitely give you an exciting to way to live your passion for beer.

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